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January 2011

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TRIP TO LOS ANGELES: Price Information and Itinerary! [Yes, this is for anyone who wants to go, it's not an official club trip or anything like that.]

This post is to inform everyone about [and invite anyone to] the trip to Los Angeles, California that we, LJ users Jen [champagnexdream] and Yurani [hottpinkbug], are planning for the days of May 6th, 2005 – May 11th, 2005. These dates will NOT interfere with UCF classes [only with graduation, so we’re sorry if you can’t come because of it] – UCF spring finals end May 2nd, and the first summer classes begin May 16th. This trip was planned mostly for the purpose of seeing The Price is Right, which we WILL be doing on May 9th, but it has now expanded to include much more; for example, a taping of Jay Leno, as well as a trip to Knott’s Berry Farm [see May 10th in this post’s itinerary for details on Knott's].

Everyone who will be going on this trip FOR SURE needs to let us know AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. The only thing due semi-soon is the NON-REFUNDABLE $22.40 deposit for the plane ticket, which is due to one of us [Jen or Yurani] by January 7th. Feel free to put down however much more than that you'd like, but it must be at least $22.40. Please contact us via LJ or e-mail to let us know where you’d like to drop it off [Yurani lives on-campus, and I live in The Fountains apartment complex, right past Waterford Lakes on Lake Underhill Rd.], or if you'd like to send it through the mail or PayPal. This deposit guarantees your spot, so please do it only if you’re serious about going. Let any friends you have who are interested know ASAP, and have them pay, also.

When you have committed to paying, please send the following info [for yourself and anyone who you are bringing] to me [Jen] via e-mail at champagneldream@aol.com and let me know when you [and anyone who you are bringing] can pay and to whom [if you choose to drop it off to Yurani, e-mail her also at hottpinkbug@aol.com to let her know when you are able to]:

Full name
Phone number
E-mail address
LJ username [if applicable]
Knott’s yay or nay [preferably a yay here! See “May 10th” below]

Do NOT send me your info unless you are SURE you are going – and hurry, because these spots are going to fill up, and FAST! There will be 25 people on this trip, and we only have two spots left.*

* There are also 2 spots being held until Friday that may possibly open up, so ask me after Friday if the two open spots as of now get scooped up!

The rest of the mandatory costs are as follows:
$201.60 – for the rest of the round-trip plane ticket [due March 15]
$71.25 – for the 5-night stay in the hostel [due when we arrive at the hostel]
$12.80 – for the one-day 3-van rental on May 10th [due approximately 2 weeks before the flight]

This brings the total mandatory cost to 308.05 [this is including your initial plane ticket deposit on January 7th]. It does NOT include the $38.25 admission fee for the trip to Knott's Berry Farm. Please see the bottom of this post for additional notes on money you may want to bring.

Here is a pretty accurate itinerary of what the trip will consist of:

May 6th:

5 AM – Meet group at the Southwest Airlines baggage line at the Orlando airport; go through when everyone gets there [Jen will have a list of names and cell phone numbers to check off as people arrive - it is up to you to get someone to drop you off at the airport, but we will discuss carpools and such later].

6:45 AM – Board Southwest Airlines flight #121. Flight makes 2 stops on the way to Los Angeles, but there are no plane changes.

*All the following times, until otherwise noted, are in Pacific Time*

11:20 AM – Arrive in Los Angeles, California at LAX airport. Get baggage and such.

12:00 PM – Board free shuttle to our hostel [LA Backpackers’ Paradise] - there is a 24/7 free shuttle to and from our hostel. Pay $71.25 each for 5-night stay [14.25/night]. We are renting 6 rooms. There will be 4 people per room, and each room has 2 queen-sized beds and one bathroom – we will be making lists of who is rooming with who as soon as we finalize the group members, so be thinking about that [but PLEASE don’t tell us yet! ;p]. You do have the option of sleeping on the floor if you feel uncomfortable sharing a bed with someone, or you guys can switch off or whatever, but we’re all adults here, so we don’t think this should be a problem. We have one girl who may stay with some relatives, which would mean having 24 people staying in the hostel: 6 x 4 = 24 = perfect. The hostel only accepts people between the ages of 18 and 30 - not that I think it will be a problem, but please make sure you are within this range if you plan on coming.

*After we arrive at the hostel, know this: you’re kind of on your own to get food, hang with whoever you’d like [more than likely people who want to do the same stuff as you], etc., pretty much for the next 2 days - I mean, we're sure you'll be in groups and such, some bigger than others, but we're not going to plan every activity for everyone, that would be no fun. We’ll figure out the bus routes and such for all the places we list before the trip [I promise], but let us know as early as possible if there’s somewhere else you have in mind and we’ll figure out bus transportation!

2:00 PM – Take public transportation to do SOMETHING FUN! Everyone does not have to do the same things [you can do what you want basically, even just hang around the hostel – these are just suggestions] – here are some ideas. It doesn’t cost anything if there is no price next to it, only a bus fare [see the May 7th schedule for more ideas – there is a free shuttle to some places that aren’t listed here that departs daily from the hostel at 12 noon]:

- Rodeo Drive/Beverly Hills
- Hollywood/Walk of Fame
- China Town
- Little Tokyo
- Santa Monica [beach and such]
- Mann’s Chinese Theatre [$5 fee for half-hour guided tour!]
- Bowling, movies, etc. [you can find out the prices before going while in LA]
- Click here for more possible activities.

May 7th:

Whenever you decide to get up – Whatever you want to do! Here are more suggestions [see May 6th, too]:
- Los Angeles Zoo [$10 admission – park hours are from 10am to 5pm]
- These are the free shuttle destinations that depart from the hostel at 12:00 noon:
- Venice Beach/Main Street
- Marina del Rey
- Fox Hills shopping mall

May 8th:

- GROUP will take public transportation to see a taping of Jay Leno at 4pm [completely free]. 25 seats are booked for this day. Activities before and after the taping are up to the individual, but PLEASE make sure you are back at the hostel before we leave for the taping! The rest of the day is yours for the taking.

*Two forms of ID must be on you, one bearing your Social Security number!

May 9th:

- GROUP will take public transportation to see a taping of The Price is Right [completely free]. We arrive at 12pm and the taping is at 4:30 pm. 25 seats are booked for this day. Activities before and after the taping are up to the individual, but PLEASE make sure you are back at the hostel before we leave for the taping! The rest of the day is yours for the taking.

P.S. We will be making shirts for this day that are all the same and UCF/TPIR based, just so you guys know. :-) Not sure when, but we have 5 months to do that.

*Two forms of ID must be on you, one bearing your Social Security number!

May 10th:

8 AM - Entire group will take free shuttle from hostel to LAX airport to rent 3 vans for the day. Three people who have already volunteered [bless them] will rent the 3 vans with the money paid by everyone two weeks earlier [$12.80 x 25 = $320 = the cost of 3 vans for one day].

9 AM – Drive vans 25 miles north to Knott’s Berry Farm theme park. We thought this would be a great way to celebrate our last day in LA. You won’t have to pay until we get there, but make sure you let us know if you want to go when you send us your information via e-mail. It is $38.25 per person. The park opens at 10 am, and the time it closes varies [the site doesn’t have the closing times for May up just yet]. We will be reserving the tickets probably right before we go [we can do it only 2 days in advance if we want to]. If you don’t want to go, it’s okay, but remember that Knott’s is known for its awesome rides and roller coasters – and as a group, we’re getting a discount, so at least 15 people have to go for us to get this discount.

* P.S. The vans hold 7-8 people, so if all 25 of us end up going, it might be only a tiny bit squished - so if there is an issue with that, sorry!

May 11th:

10 AM – Drop vans off at LAX airport and get ready to board flight home that leaves at 1:50 PM. Make one stop on the way home [no plane changes]. Arrive home at approximately 11 pm Eastern Time.


We will make sure we know the times that buses come and such to go to all the places we want to visit [i.e. the Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, Rodeo Drive, and anything else listed here OR that someone suggests] as well as the cost of fares BEFORE the trip, just NOT anytime in the very near future. You also have the option of taking cabs around as well, just be prepared to pay higher fares!

BRING SPENDING MONEY [extra aside from the plane ticket (which you will be paying for about 2 months before the flight anyway), van rental cost, room cost and, if you so choose, the Knott’s cost] for transportation fees, food, fees to get into places, and any souvenirs your little heart desires to purchase. We’re recommending about $100 extra, but you can bring what you want – just make sure it’s enough for you. You SHOULD NOT spend more than $450 on this trip, unless you're crrrazy. :-)

Thanks for reading, and please get back to us ASAP!

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i used to live about 3 minutes from Knotts...that place is so fun
Sweet. :-) It's good to have a first-hand account. You wanna come? :-D
I thought Knott's was lame. But maybe that's just me. Supreme Scream was the only fun thing there.